Many factors can impact whether or not a restaurant is successful. But the ambiance of the restaurant can affect everything. Perception, reliability, response, expenditure, time spent, food quantity, pace, and even customer loyalty. Having the right atmosphere makes your customers more comfortable, making their overall experience better. Similarly, a people who had a good experience are more likely to market our business on our behalf. This form of marketing has proven to be the most reliable and trusted among people.

Alternatively, if a restaurant cannot provide its patrons with a satisfying dining experience, everything takes a road downhill. Your customers even the loyal batch starts reducing, no referrals. And do remember once your reputation goes down, it takes considerable time and effort to bring it up again. Let’s face it dining is no longer for just food.

Restaurant Ambiance

Interior Design

When a potential customer enters your restaurant, even before they sit to order, the surrounding or more likely the interior of the place will be judged first. What color scheme you have, decors and design.

The color scheme is more important. People perceive colors based on different past experiences. Have them match your restaurant type or even food. A mixed color scheme can go ways in impressing your customer if they complement each other and the food. Warm color give-off a positive vibe. Neutrals make people around feel calm. Some striking colors even improve the appetite but don’t go overboard.


Spacing goes right with the design. You have put in a lot of effort to make your dining a beautiful place; you don’t want the customers to feel cramped, do you? Try to seat yourself at different places and think from a patron’s perspective.

If you aim for faster turnover rates, place more seats in the center are. People feel uncomfortable here and are prone to leave much quicker. The seats must have enough spacing, but that should not mean that give them more space and put fewer tables in total. Each restaurant will be unique, have a balance between spacing and capacity.


After that, there is a lighting effect. Lighting is one of the most important factors for good ambiance. It builds up the atmosphere. Wrong lighting can negatively affect the experience and degrade the environment.

Similarly, give thought to signage and décor. If you want a plain and simple look that’s okay too, but it’s only OKAY and nothing more. Both can attract potential customer’s attention and relay your ambiance. And with proper lighting that spotlights them, they are even better.


Music, kitchen noise, talking, acoustics, all can be considered as sounds in a restaurant. They are heavily dependent on the type of restaurant. For upbeat places, it’s perfectly fine to have no music and a lot of talking and noise. Again, all depends on the atmosphere you want. Just as much, if you’re a fine dining restaurant, there might be serene music with no clattering or talking noise.

In the case of music, slower tempo helps longer dine time for quality restaurants, and faster tempo can help in quick turnovers.

Restaurant Staff


Your employees are what play the most crucial part in making the customers loyal. They need to friendly and hardworking, who know how to handle their position. Say you fought with a staff member at a diner, would you want to go back!

For the romantic and quiet setting, the staff should be attentive and friendly but give the customers privacy. Alternatively, for fast-paced restaurants, checking the table often, speaking louder and indulging with customers is nothing much.

Regardless of the food you serve or your restaurant type, its ambiance goes a long way in attracting the crowd you want. Increase sales, expand business all will be done, first take your time to set the best ambiance for your place.