Table turnover rate is highly important when it comes to the restaurant industry because all restaurant managers want to seat maximum customers and also ensure that their customers don’t feel rushed or unappreciated. Customer service is an important factor in all the industries because the consumer is the driving force for all the industries. If the consumer is not satisfied, he’ll choose the alternative option available just only because of poor customer service and the experience they had with you.

Most of the restaurants want to turn the table every one and a half hour, or it can be interpreted this way that they plan to serve at least three customers on a particular table. It may sound pretty easy and simple to turn the tables, but when it comes to dealing with the customers who are just camping at your restaurant and are quite stubborn to leave even after they have paid the bills, then it becomes a headache to deal with the situation while keeping things in control. This type of behavior negatively affects the profit of the restaurant and their flow-through rate. To maximize the table turnover rate without giving an impression of being inhospitable, then make sure that you follow the following tips and tricks to make your customers leave.

Increasing table turnover rates

Organize your seating setup

Your seating setup should provide a pleasing environment to your customers and for this to happen, make sure that there is no miscommunication between you and the customers. Therefore, make sure that you pre-assign the tables to the customers waiting in line. You should keep a waiting area in your restaurant so that if some people are yet to be seated can wait for their turn in some reserved area. Accept only walk-in customers so that you don’t have to wait for the people who didn’t show up.

Scheduling your service

Servers should be scheduled to make sure that seating time for a particular customer is not prolonged. The more the server will visit the customers, the less seating time they’ll have. Make your servers to arrive at the table right after the customers have seated and started taking orders immediately after presenting them menu. The first thing to present on the table is a water bottle. Manage your servicing team according to the tables occupied by the guests.

Keep dishes and cutlery ready

Just after the customer has left and dishes have been taken away, make sure that you have surplus dishes at your disposal to make sure that the next party is served the meal in due time. Clear off the dishes as soon as guests are done with the meals.

Make menu compact

A compact menu leads to making the selection process fast. You can add as many dishes as you want but compartmentalize your menu so that customers go only to that particular section of the menu from which he wants to have a meal.

Rearrange your arrangements

You may want to arrange tables at your restaurant if you feel like having less number of customers being served at a particular time. Use space efficiently and make use of every corner of the space available.